Monday, February 10, 2014

I'll Become Even More Undignified

I'll become even more undignified. Yes, I will become even more undignified! 

What goes through your mind when you read the word 'undignified'? Are you thinking about that office party, when the boss and his secretary disappeared for what seemed like a long time? Are you thinking about college days, when maybe someone had a little too much to drink and maybe did some less than savory things? Are you thinking about the recent actions of some awful politician? Or, how about that wannabe performer you read about (or saw) who disgraced his or herself in public? Just what are you thinking?

Would you ever utter the words 'I'll become even more undignified' aloud? If not, maybe you should. The words were said by King David, as recorded in the book of Samuel (Sm 6:21-22). King David was anointed king of all of Israel. He just defeated the Philistines and brought the ark back into Jerusalem. He was so overjoyed and overwhelmed by the power of God, that he danced and celebrated in the streets. His wife, Michal (daughter of the former king Saul) was disgusted. When he returned to their home, Michal asked David how he could act like such a fool. Imagine the king dancing in the streets! King David replied 'I was dancing before the LORD. As the LORD lives, who chose me over your father and all his house when he appointed me ruler over the LORD’s people, Israel, not only will I make merry before the LORD, but I will demean myself even more. I will be lowly in your eyes, but in the eyes of the slave girls you spoke of I will be somebody.  How can we not become undignified for the Lord?

I think that Matt Redman, in his song 'Undignified' (from the album Blessed Be Your Name), expresses the joy that David may have felt perfectly. Listen to the song. Listen to the words. Then try to tell me that you weren't tapping your foot, or had the sudden urge to dance. Go ahead, I dare you. This song is so upbeat, I can't imagine it won't move you. Hopefully, it will move you to become undignified for the Lord.