Monday, February 3, 2014

Open Up The Heavens!

Have you ever cried out to the Lord, with your heart yearning to be near him? Have you waited to be with him, in prayer, in peace, in love? Do you long to see his face? If so, the song "Open Up The Heavens" by Meredith Andrews is the song for you (video link: Open Up The Heavens).

In this song, Meredith describes the waiting for the Lord. In my mind I'm standing with other followers, arms outstretched, looking at the sky in anticipation for the coming of the Lord. My heart is burning. We are calling to the Lord, asking him to come down and be among us. Our fervent cry can be heard far and wide - Open Up The Heavens!

Open up the heavens! What a glorious request! We are all sinners here, striving for holiness, trying to get to heaven. Our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. We call to him inviting him into our hearts and our lives, to bring us the joy of his kingdom.

Do you feel it?

Meredith Andrews Official Page: "Meredith Andrews"
Album link: "Worth It All"