Friday, April 11, 2014

Blessed People

Over the past several years, I have been striving to better understand Catholicism and increase my faith. To achieve that end, I have been participating as both attendee and facilitator in several Bible studies at my Church, and have been pretty much continually reading Christian books. As a result, I have studied the works of various authors, theologians, and saints.

One thing has struck me in my studies - for some people, the yearning to understand and love Jesus occurs later in life. Saint Augustine relates in "The Confessions of Saint Augustine" that he was basically fighting against his calling for a long time, until he read one passage out of the Bible. The passage spoke to his heart. He broke down and cried, asking God for forgiveness, and turned his life around. And, as I have related, my own coming back to Jesus occurred when I was an adult.

However, there are some who heard their calling as children or teenagers. Of course, many saints were called when they were young. Among these are Saints Catherine of Bologna,  Dominic Savio, Colette, Casimir of Poland and Margaret of Cortona. All of these saints followed their calling from God even though they were called at a young age.

Many people who are currently living, though not saints, have similarly heard the call of God at an early age. Jeff Cavins, the theologian, tells how he first became very interested in understanding the Bible when he was confirmed, which I am guessing was when he was around eight years of age. He describes how Confirmation changed him, and inspired him to begin to read the Bible. I don't even remember if we had a Bible when I was eight years old; I certainly felt no great desire to read it!

Matthew Kelly is another individual who heard God calling pre-adult. For Matthew, his calling came when he was a teenager. Matthew began to go to a Church and pray almost every day, seeking God's wisdom and peace. This ignited in him a passion for God that continues to the present day.

I sit in wonder when I hear these individuals speak (Jeff Cavins) or read their writings (Matthew Kelly). Their passion for God, and understanding for his works, is so deep. Both of these men inspire me to become better, to become holier, so that I, too, can speak with the confidence, knowledge and love for God that is so clearly in these two. I pray that my efforts will one day come to fruition.